Shimmy Shack Burlesque®

This raucous and ribald show based in Grand Rapids, Michigan features internationally traveling showgirls and boylesquers alongside regional burlesque talent and offers a platform for rising stars to shake their bedazzled behinds. Shimmy Shack is the only show of it's kind in West Michigan to feature a rotating cast of professional entertainers. No two shows are alike! Housed on the intimate Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill stage, the audience enjoys an in your face romp complete with audience participation and onstage hi-jinx. These whirlwind events pack a glittering punch and you'll leave lusting for the next go round.

Shimmy Shack est. 2009 is founded, produced and directed by Vivacious Miss Audacious, veteran of the burlesque stage, producer of Luxotica Lounge Cabaret and Headmistress of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Grand Rapids, MI. Sarah Jean Anderson, comedian, artist and rock band babe, hosts the event.


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Jeez Loueez (Chicago)
Cruel Valentine (Chicago)
RedRum (Chicago)
Eva La Feva (Chicago)
Trini Bikini (Indiana)
Eliza Sidecar (Ohio)
Minnie Tonka (NYC)
Dolly Berlin (Toronto)
Irresistible 'O (Michigan)
Nate Nyx (Philadelphia)
Dimples Diamond (Ohio)

Ms. B La Rose (Chicago)

Patsy Blue Ribbon (Indiana)

Shimmy LaRoux (Chicago)

Desiree De Carlo (Indiana)

Mz. Vagina Woolf (Indiana)

Lula Lawless (Indiana)

Miss Holly Hock (Detroit)

Boobs Radley (Chicago)

Josephine Shaker (Chicago)

Felina Distemper (Ann Arbor)


Lady Jack (Chicago)

Red Hot Annie (Chicago)

go go Amy (Los Angeles)

Satori Circus (Michigan)

Lushes LaMoan (Michigan)

La La Vulvaria (Michigan)

Ace DeVille (Michigan)

Donna Touch (Chicago)

Jasinya Sanchez (Michigan)

Bella Sin (Ohio)

Viva Valezz(Ohio)

Florence of Alabia (Chicago)

Velveeta the Cheetah (Michigan)

Sarah Jean Anderson (Michigan)

Vaz DeFranzia (Michigan)

Frenchie Toast (Chicago)

Mabel Syrup (Michigan)

Sadie Sparkles (Michigan)

EV Velour (Chicago)

Siren (Michigan)

Luna Legare (Michigan)

Gala Delicious (Michigan)

Lilly Rascal (Ohio)

Dahlia Fatale (Ohio)

Zara Estelle (Wisconsin)

Dahlia D'Luxe (Ohio)

Gurl Haggard (Indiana)

Jax Nippleson (Michigan)

Willy LaQueue (Chicago)

Phoenix L'Amour (South Dakota)

Shrimp Cocktail (Ohio)

Sammy the Tramp (Chicago)

Darling Violet (Chicago)